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Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Brooklyn Town Library is a non-profit group formed to support the endeavors of the Brooklyn Town Library Association.  Fundraising activities throughout the year include Friends of the Library memberships, the sale of hand-painted Cat's Meow© representations of Brooklyn landmarks, Brooklyn Town Library canvas tote bags, and "Born to Read" baby bibs.

From fundraisers such as these, the Friends donated many funds, including those required to purchase each of the library's museum passes.


Our own local Cat's Meow© Collection is available now here at the Brooklyn Town Library

Brooklyn Town Hall                   $10.00

Brooklyn Town Pump                 $5.00

Brooklyn Town Library               $10.00

Israel Putnam Statue                 $10.00

Mortlake Fire Company              $10.00

Old Trinity Church                     $10.00

Unitarian Universalist Society      $10.00

Friendship Valley                       $10.00

Brooklyn Copper Beech Tree       $10.00

Cat's Meow© Hanging Ornaments

Brooklyn Library                        $5.00

Mortlake Fire Company              $5.00

All proceeds in care of the Friends of the Library, whose donations fund many library projects and benefits, such as the free passes to local museums and attractions.



Cat's Meow Collection

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