The Brooklyn Town Library offers the residents of Brooklyn the means to continue to learn throughout their lives, helping patrons find, use and evaluate information in a variety of formats while continuing to be an important part of community life in Brooklyn.

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InterLibrary Loans

    Starting June 30, the State of Connecticut has shut down the statewide online inter-library loan network known as REQUEST. Brooklyn Public Library's access to REQUEST ended on June 26. Despite this discontinuity, we will do our best to continue to find items that you might want from other libraries, however, it is likely that processing times for InterLibrary loans will take longer this summer. All libraries in CT are affected similarly by this and, since this issue may persist for the next few months, we trust in your patience and understanding while we work on these InterLibrary loan requests.
    The good news is that this a temporary shutdown as the State migrates the data to a new database system. The State plans to implement the new online system´╗┐ in the fall. We will keep you informed of updates as we, ourselves, learn of them.

NECT Farmers' Market

    The Friends Of the Library will be representing at the Farmers' Market outside Ocean State Job Lot again this year! Expect our remaining 2015 appearances to be on Wednesdays: September 23 and October 14th. Come on by and take home a box of the best baked goodies in town!

You Can Help!

Our Newest, Crazy, Hang-Upside-Down, Animated Fun-Stop for the Kids... TumbleBooks!

    Check out this top notch collection of animated, talking picture books (with fiction, non-fiction and foreign language titles), Read-Alongs (chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration but no animation), Math Stories, Videos (from National Geographics). We think you will also love TumbleTV which consists of pre-set playlists of a sequence of books and Tumble Puzzles & Games.
    TumbleBooks are created from existing picture books which are licensed from children's book publishers and converted to the TumbleBook format.